Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates

5 Year Fixed Closed Unscary Mortgage Loan Rate 3.59%

3 Year Fixed Closed Unscary Mortgage Loan Rate 3.20% - Limited Time Offer

Promotional rates subject to change without notice.
1 year Fixed Closed 3.29%
2 year Fixed Closed 3.24%
3 year Fixed Closed 3.29%
4 year Fixed Closed 3.39%
5 year Fixed Closed 3.69%

Don't have 20% down? PCS offers loans for as little as 5% down on new purchases insured with Genworth Financial.

Other Loan Rates




2.99 % for New 2017-2018

3.99% for Used 2014-2017

Loan Type Rate
Personal Loan-fully secured 8.50%
Personal Loan-regular 9.50%
Auto Loan (4yrs or newer) 5.00- 7.5%
Consolidation Loan 11.95%

Special 5% for 5 years for 2014 to 2017 Used Autos

New Auto Purchase Rate for 2017-2018 3.99%

You may qualify for additional rate reductions on approved credit. Call Karen for more information at 705-748-4481.

Overdraft Protection LOC 21.00%
Term Deposits - Available March 5th to September 8 2018

Special 110 Day 2.10%

Special promotional rate subject to change without notice. Available for new deposits only or new TFSA contributions which can include existing funds on deposit. Simple interest calculated on the principal amount for the number of days in the term deposit and paid at maturity (principal x rate x number of days / 365 days). Rate shown for annual interest. Maximum investment $500,000. Available to personal accounts only.

1 year cashable .85%

16 Month - 2.25% 32 Month - 2.35%

16 and 32-Month Term Deposits: Special promotional rate subject to change without notice. Annual compound interest paid monthly or annually. Rate shown for annual interest. Minimum investment is $500.00 and Maximum investment $500,000. Available to personal and non personal accounts.
Except for the designated cashable, all rates quoted are on non-redeemable term deposits. Early redemption exceptions may only be made in cases of proof of hardship with a loss of all interest earned and a 2% fee on the outstanding principal.
Length of Term
Short Term
30-60 day .25%
90-180 day .50%
1 Year 1.25%
2 Year 1.40%
3 Year 1.50%
4 Year 1.60%
5 Year 3.10%
Long Term
1 year 1.25%
2 year 1.40%
3 year 1.50%
4 year 1.60%
5 year 3.10%
Interest Bearing Accounts
Account Type Rate
Personal Chequing Account ( over $20,000) 0.05%

Plan 24

TSFA Variable



U.S. Foreign Exchange Rates
Exchange Rate

Rate to Buy U.S. Cash


Rate to Sell U.S. Cash

PCS Prime Rate

All Rates Subject to Change



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